01 Aug

Every year, the Miss Nepal North America pageant is an occasion of glitz and glamour, bringing together some of the most beautiful and accomplished young Nepalese women from across North America. One of the key elements contributing to their stunning appearances is incredible hairstyling. Through this article, we will be diving deep into the backstage world, revealing some of the secrets of hairstyling that enable these women to shine on the grand stage.

1. Perfect Planning

To start with, the hairstyling journey begins way before the pageant night. A well-structured timeline is developed for each participant months in advance, accounting for their individual hair types, lengths, and personal preferences. Critical decisions are made concerning hair treatments, color, cuts, and the eventual stage-look.

2. The Right Products

Realizing the perfect hairstyle is a combination of skill and the right products. Essential products such as heat protectant sprays, mousse, different types of hairsprays for hold and shine, serums for health and sheen, and a variety of gels are all sorted and ready for use backstage.

3. Variety of Tools

The variety of hairstyles seen at the Miss Nepal North America pageant is not achievable without a vast selection of hairstyling tools. From a range of curling irons to a multitude of hairbrushes, hairdryers with multiple attachments, straighteners, and several types of rollers, the backstage is filled with every tool a hairstylist may need to craft the perfect look.

4. Regular Hair Care Routines

Beautiful hair is the result of consistent care. With a rigorous schedule in the run-up to the pageant, every contestant is advised to follow a diligent hair care routine. This routine includes regular deep conditioning treatments, the use of minimal heat, avoiding harsh chemical treatments, and a healthy diet to stimulate hair growth.

5. Customized Hairstyling

Every contestant is unique, and this is clearly communicated through their individually tailored hairstyles. Whether sleek and straight, voluminous curls or intricate up-do’s, each hairstyle is carefully curated to reflect the candidates' personality and enhance their overall look.

6. Trial Runs

Several trial runs are essential to finalize the perfect hairstyle for the pageant night. These trials allow the hairstylist and contestant to fine-tune any details, understand how the hairstyle will react under the stage lights and with movement, and make any adjustments necessary.

7. Hair Extensions

Sometimes, contestants may require a bit of help to achieve voluminous, long locks for a particular hairstyle. In such cases, hair extensions are utilized. They offer a convenient solution to increase hair length and volume and are carefully color-matched to blend perfectly with the contestant's natural hair.

8. The Influence of the Dress

The evening gowns worn by contestants heavily influence the stylist's choice in hairdo. It's crucial for hairstyles to complement the dress in terms of style, color, and neckline to create an overall balanced and unified look for the contestant.

9. Hairstyling Team

The creation of each hairstyle is a team effort. While one stylist may work on the actual styling, others assist in prepping the hair, applying products, ensuring ready availability of tools, and providing additional hands when crafting intricate braids or up-do’s.

10. Last-Minute Finishing

Just before stepping on the stage, every contestant's hair undergoes last-minute finishing. This includes checking for any stray hairs, ensuring the hairstyle is secured and intact, and applying finishing sprays for that extra bit of glamour and shine.

That being said, we are proud to be the official hairstylist for these young women and the magnificent hairstyles that we see on the Miss Nepal North America stage are not just a matter of luck. It’s the result of meticulous planning, intense preparation, and expert team of stylists. By revealing these backstage secrets, we hope to underscore the hard work, skills, determination, and creativity that lay foundation to the dazzling appearances of these young women representing Nepal in North America.

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